Kathmandu Appeal

by Lúgh ó Braonáin

As Nepal’s Prime Minister warns that the final death toll from the weekend’s earthquake could reach 10,000, and with more aftershocks predicted over the next few weeks, Human Appeal has increased its presence in the country.

More than 1.4 million victims of the Nepalese earthquake are in need of urgent help.

We have mobilised a disaster response team from both our Pakistan and UK partner offices, who have arrived in Nepal.

In addition, we already have a 20-strong emergency response strategic partner on the ground whose priority in the first 72 hours was search and rescue. They have also carried out a needs assessment on the ground and as our teams join together, we will be looking to expand quick impact projects to maximise our impact.

Nepalese authorities have said that up to 5000 bodies had already been recovered from the rubble, including 1176 bodies in Sindhupalchuk district, just northeast of the capital. Hospitals are are under severe pressure as earthquake victims flood in. Many of these are being treated on hospital verandas and in car parks, and parks and fields have been converted into makeshift tent cities. News reports say that rescue workers in the Gorkha district, the epicentre of the quake, claim about 90 per cent of the houses were  razed”.