Information on Our #Ireland2Syria Aid Distribution

by Lúgh ó Braonáin

The Aid will be delivered to Syria by Road via the Port of Beirut. The aid is leaving Ireland in the next couple of days and will not arrive in Lebanon for a further 4 weeks, when it is expected to be sent by road to Damascus for distribution the first week of December.


It is expected that Human Appeal Staff from Ireland will be in the Lebanon to supervise this unloading.


The distribution of the aid will be closely supervised and monitored and Human Appeal Ireland and we will be presenting a full publicly available report on the aid distribution on its completion.


The Distribution will NOT be carried out by the Syrian government, or by a proxy organisation. It will be entirely controlled jointly by Human Appeal and its unaligned partners in Syria.


Human Appeal will ensure that 100% of the aid donated will be distributed to internally displaced Syrian people in need. There is no material that can be put to non-civilian uses. The material consisting of warm clothes, blankets and shoes is of use only to those displaced by the conflict.

Human Appeal operates worldwide, in a variety of emergency aid situations including those enduring armed conflict. It has a proud record of the impartial distribution of 100% of its aid amongst victims of violence and deprivation. We have shipped 25 containers of aid to the region in the past 4 years: there have been no instances where any of this aid has been diverted from its intended recipients.


Human Appeal has distributed more than 16,000 tonnes of flour and many thousands of food parcels during the four year conflict. It has never allowed any of its aid distribution to fall into the wrong hands. It is recognised by all of the participants in the conflict in the areas where it operates as neutral, impartial, and dedicated to meeting the needs of innocent victims of the conflict.