Human Appeal to ramp up its aid shipments to Syria

by Lúgh o Braonáin


While the refugee crisis in Europe has finally brought attention to the plight of the Syrian people, Human Appeal International Ireland is to ramp up its relief projects inside Syria itself.


‘Our reports from our staff that are assisting refugees on the move in Europe are that while emergency food, hygiene and portable materials are still required there, the refugees we have spoken to agree with our assessment that the greatest need is in Syria itself.’ Fiona Duffy, HAII.


‘We are therefore calling on the Irish people to shift their attention to this region. To deepen their support for our transports and to request the Irish government to contribute towards these efforts.’ Fiona Duffy.


Human Appeal International Ireland is one of the few Irish charities to operate inside Syria. It supports a staff of 240 in the country who deliver healthcare, education, food supplies and shelter to Syrians displaced by the conflict. It has already shipped more than 20 containers of aid to the region and has established logistical expertise in suppling direct aid. It is currently organising a large scale shipment to the region.




‘We very much welcome the goodwill and support of the Irish people shown in the past weeks for the plight of those who are fleeing war in Syria. We are very pleased to say that we have established key partnerships with some of the civic groups that are collecting money and vital supplies. As a result we expect to be in a position to send up to 10 container loads of aid to the region for distribution through our staff in time for the onset of winter.’ Fiona Duffy




Ireland to Calais and Jacket Off Your Back are both drawing on hundreds of volunteers throughout Ireland to collect and sort through the donated items so that only the best, most suitable materials are sent to Syria. They are also fundraising to help meet the costs of transporting these life-saving supplies.


‘The groups we have partnered with have shown a deep understanding of the issues involved. They know that what is vitally needed is warm, strong winter clothing, shelter and health supplies in Syria. We are arranging to use our long-established supply lines to efficiently get the material these groups can supply to where it is needed most. With our warehouses almost full, we are now shifting our attention to the funding of the transport of the material already collected and call on State and Industry bodies to help us meet these costs.’ Fiona Duffy


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