Hadalat: Not 'Out of Site Out of Mind'


Stranded refugees cannot not be forgotten 

Fiona Duffy, PRO, Human Appeal Ireland, Hadalat Crossing, Syria-Jordan Border
June 2nd 2016
Release: Immediate


Irish Charity calls for immediate and urgent aid to be given to assist in the granting of safe passage to a forgotten people.

This morning, Human Appeal Ireland will begin its distribution emergency food supplies to approximately 3,000 families in Hadalat that has been entirely funded by generous donations from our supporters in Ireland over the past month.

Coping with soaring temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius, scarce water and little food, almost 70,000 people are suffering in a torturous limbo on the border between Jordan and Syria. Human Appeal bears witness to their plight and calls for immediate EU action.

As a humanitarian organisation, Human Appeal Ireland feels that it is simply not acceptable that the EU will only think seriously about responding to the needs of those who are presenting themselves at our own borders. There is no difference between the victims of violence in the desert border post at Hadalat and those in Europe but the fact they are more remote: they are just as desperate, just as in need.

Our collective approach to asylum appears to take an ‘out of site out of mind’ attitude to humanitarian crises. In fact, we are morally obliged to search out those who are affected by conflict to offer them assistance and not simply wait for them to come to us.

We are believe that immediate assistance needs to be granted to aid agencies who are struggling to cope with the more than 650,000 Syrian refugees currently in Jordan. 

Human Appeal Ireland staff are witnessing shocking levels of need and desperation on the Jordanian border as more than 70,000 people are stranded in a desert no-man’s land between Jordan and Syria. These people are largely invisible to the world and are in imminent danger of death and disease in these dreadful conditions. They need urgently to be brought out of this remote barren location to a place of safety where they can be processed before being granted the necessary refugee status. 

It is currently only possible to process on average 350 entry applications from Hadalat and Ruqban per day. At the current rate it will take almost a year to bring the people stranded here into safety. This is not acceptable as there is every likelihood many will not survive that length of time in these conditions.

Human Appeal is calling for urgent assistance from both the EU and the Irish government to be given to the Jordan relief effort to enable it to assist the 70,000 people here as a matter of extreme urgency.


For More Information contact. Fiona Duffy: fiona@humanappeal.ie, +35312910006
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