Zumbathon for Charity

Heading into the winter months we usually find a sense of lethargy beginning to set in as the days get shorter and colder. It’s easy to cuddle up beside the fire and not move, whilst increasing our food consumption in a bid to keep warm.  Human Appeal were lucky enough to come across Nurlina who provided us with the perfect solution to get us motivated and moving, ZUMBA!

Nurlina a certified Zumba instructor, along with her husband Sam spent a lot of time organising a Zumbathon in Lucan Educate Together, ensuring that Zumba leaders from across Dublin were involved.

The aim of the day was to get people to Zumba in order to raise money for Syria and Philippines. The participants and volunteers Zumbad the hours away, introducing different types of dances throughout the event, ensuring that all involved were kept on their toes. All were free to drop out and return as and when they pleased, our own Eva even gave it a go showing her dancing skills off to the crowd.

People came from all walks of life to join in, wanting to zumba their socks off for Syria and Philippines. The day was a resounding success as Nurlina and her fellow Zumbathoners managed to raise €700.

The atmosphere in the room was electric as people felt energised, endorphin levels went through the roof, making smiling obligatory.

Fiona, the accounts manager said  it was “a fantastic event, which was very much enjoyed by everyone”.

Nurlina hopes to do a global Zumbathon in for Human Appeal in the future and we can honestly say that we can’t wait.