Yarmouk, Syria Container - Update

Container with aid destined for Yarmouk Refugee Camp in SyriaOver the last few weeks Human Appeal has been, with your assistance, sending containers to Yarmouk, a refugee camp inside Damascus which hosts 20,000 displaced people. With the help of our generous supporters and donors we were able to collect a vast array of vitally needed baby items. The first container was dispatched on 23rd May with new clothes, shoes and baby nappies as well as other necessary items. Following that another container was shipped out containing boxes of baby items, nappies and clothing.

Irish Container of aid destined for Yarmouk camp - Palestinian and Syrian refugees inside Syria

With the recent floods to hit Bosnia and Croatia, Human Appeal also intend to send containers to help alleviate the situation there. More than 1,000,000 people, a quarter of the Bosnian population, have been affected by the flooding and landslides. 500,000 people have evacuated or forced to leave their homes after entire towns were destroyed by the heavy rainfall. We are hoping to send out a container by the end of the month, with basic supplies, we welcome any donations which may be of assistance.

So far we have sent 20 containers out to various destinations, with essential items of clothing, food and medicine, but they are very little compared to the immense suffering being endured. With your assistance we hope to send dozens, so that our aid is not a drop in the ocean but a tidal wave of relief.