World Development Day 2015

by Paige

On World Development Day (24th October), it is important to highlight the large percentage of the world’s population that suffers due to unequal distribution of resources.

In some of the most underdeveloped regions in the world families across generations exist in an on-going cycle of abject poverty.  

According to the World Bank 1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty today (measured as living on $1.25 or less a day). This often means they lack access to fundamental necessities such as food security, safe housing, formal education, healthcare making it difficult for families to escape sub-standard living conditions. 

World Development Day was established to highlight these issues and educate world citizens on developmental challenges by raising awareness of the need for international cooperation to overcome the numerous obstacles faced by impoverished nations.  

While direct aid does help under-resourced populations, it is also crucial to develop long-term solutions to poverty.

Following best practice, Human Appeal Ireland supports several income-generating projects across different regions in order to combat poverty, empower workers and foster self-sufficient communities. 

One project is the establishment of vocational training centres and projects like the installation and supply of equipment for honey farms. Honey is globally renowned around the world for its many benefits, thus ensuring an imperishable popularity on the market. The initial cost required to start a beekeeping business are surprisingly low, yet can yield impressive results. There are quite a few ways to generate income from bees, making them a lucrative investment.

A donation of €425 can facilitate the establishment of a bee farm, creating both jobs and a sellable product.

Other examples of our sustainable-living projects are:

Plant an Olive Tree Palestine €25

Sewing Machine Pakistan and Bangladesh €90

Agricultural Tools €130

Milking Goat €95

Milking Cow €650

 You can donate to any one of these great projects here

At Human Appeal we pride ourselves on transparency and sending aid to the neediest places, a non-profit organisation dedicated to working across the globe in the face of social injustice, poverty and natural disasters. Working tirelessly in over 20 countries you can read more about us here