Tyler interning with Human Appeal Ireland

by Tyler Jones

I did not know what to expect when I first walked in the Human Appeal office for my first day as an intern. I had a vague idea, because I have worked an internship before, but not in a foreign country and not for a charity. Immediately, I felt right at home.

For a smaller office there is a tremendous amount of hustle and bustle. My first day I met the staff and was put right to work with some of the most pressing issues. Planning events, making phone calls, taking messages, basically anything that comes up in a day on the administrative side I was taking care of.

Fast forward three weeks, and I have been able to see all the cogs and gears move and come together to help make a change in people’s lives. As the events like “Shine a Light” and its accompanying children’s event start to come closer and closer, you can see how making a difference brings together the office and the community at large.

Working for a charity is so much different than working in any other industry. Every day almost every task you do relates back to making difference in the places that need it, be it Gaza, Syria, or wherever else our assistance is needed.

Most people go to work every day and feel a reward for making their life better for themselves. Working for Human Appeal has given me a glimpse of doing work that is rewarding for yourself, but you also get the satisfaction knowing the work you do is making a difference in the lives of others. 

Tyler (second from right) with Human Appeal Staff and friends at a #comedinewithsyria event