Philippines struggle continues

The devastation caused in the Philippines is staggering and Human Appeal teams have been busy distributing food, purified water, sleeping bags, hygiene kits and medical aid to the devastated areas, giving some hope to the locals and putting smiles on children's faces.

However, the basics, like the ones mentioned above, are still required by many people who are homeless and living in cramped, unhygienic conditions, often within damaged buildings. Approximately 18 million people have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan, spanning over 57,000 sq kilometres covering 5 major islands and many other smaller ones. According to the UN entire towns have been wiped out and we at Human Appeal Ireland would like you to help by purchasing emergency survival packs to help the millions of devastated people, 5 million of which are children.

According to the National Crisis Management Agency of Philippines, number of victims and injured is on the incease.

The following are the latest casualty figures and damage reports from the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan:

- National: 3,976 confirmed deaths, 1,598 missing and 18,175 injured, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

- Eastern Visayas region covering the islands of Leyte and Samar: 3,725 dead, 17,821 injured and 1,574 missing. Widespread severe damage. Tacloban, Leyte's main city with a population of 220,000, lies in ruins. Communications, transport cut in many areas.

- Western Visayas region: 161 dead, 228 injured, 19 missing.

- Central Visayas region, which includes Cebu: 74 dead, 102 injured and 5 missing.

- Other regions: 16 dead, 24 injured.

Survival pack 1: Will provide basic essentials such as: food, clothing, water and medicine to help families survive this disaster.

Survival pack 2: Helps give a family the necessary shelter they require with additional plastic sheets, blankets, mats and covers.

If we do not continue to support the Philippines over a million children with be at risk of acute malnutrition. The lack of fresh water and poor sanitation in many areas will lead to the spread of disease. The 'WHO' already fears the outbreak and spread of infectious diseases like measles; so medicines are required urgently!

Please donate today, to assist the 4 million vulnerable, homeless people in the Philippines who have been ravaged by Haiyan.

Below you can read the UN's reports on the current situation in the Philippines.

UN 22 November 2013  & UN Statement