Our Little Shop in “The Ridge Fort”

It is in the old town of Dundrum that Human Appeal Ireland have, on the 21st of February, decided to officially open its charity shop and coffee bar. Located in the old Apollo building near to the Luas Bridge on Dundrum Road, it is hoped that this new adventure will be a place where locals can meet and have a natter over a refreshing beverage, while simultaneously contributing to national and international charity projects. In addition to this, customers will be able to pick up a bargain or two from our second hand selection and handmade goods from Syrian camp micro businesses. This means that as well as contributing money for basics, people are given ability to earn their own living. With this ability comes independence and the opportunity for people to regain some control of their lives in the present and the future.

So why did we pick Dundrum to be our home and hub? Dundrum or Dún Droma in Irish means “The Ridge Fort” and there is evidence that this town dates back to the 8th century. Forts were necessary to all civilisations as they provided defence for the inhabitants of a town or city, who need to be protected in order to survive in an ever changing world of battle and bloodshed. It seems then, that “The Ridge Fort” is the perfect location for a charity aimed at defending those in need, protecting the most vulnerable and helping people to survive whatever calamities may befall them, man-made or natural.

Dundrum has always been a place of innovation and renewal, it was once home to “The Manor Mill” which was used to ground corn, a paper mill and an iron works. The Manor Mill was later made into a laundry and was the largest female employer in the region. Dundrum has also recently undergone huge development, it is and has always been home to many charities, including Wa Wa, Oxfam, Barbados and St Vincent de Paul, showing the generous and warm nature of this town. An ideal place for our little shop aimed at making big changes near and far.

So come down at 4pm on the 21st and help to support national and international charity projects run by Human Appeal, treat yourself and help those in need, the perfect combination!