Nor’s €25,000 Pledge for Gaza

The backbone Human appeal are its volunteers, in this blog we wanted to share the inspiring work of Nor and her incredible pledge for Gaza.

Nor A Nasib began fundraising when hearing of a major illness striking her brother in law. It was through witnessing his suffering she was inspired to make a change and to fundraise for a worthy cause, doing all she could to help support him during these difficult times. Nor started by creating a Facebook page to promote the sale of toys, books and coffee. This was the start of what became a vocation for Nor, since then she has been dedicated to humanitarian aid.

Nor initially began working with Muslim Care Malaysia, a charity providing relief across the third world. When the crisis hit Syria, Nor undertook many fundraising initiatives and even ran as part of the Human Appeal Flora Mini Marathon team, where all donations went towards Syria relief.

Upon seeing the heart wrenching destruction, constant bombardment and increase in civilian deaths and injuries in Gaza, Nor took it upon herself to set up an, “Urgent Gaza Appeal” on July 20th. She began with setting up an online fundraising platform through idonate page and a Facebook page. At a Human Appeal charity event, Nor pledged to raise €25,000 for relief aid in Gaza.

We want to say a huge thank you to Nor for raising a substantial amount so far and we will do all we can to support Nor in her honourable efforts. The people of Gaza need your support, and every euro donated brings Nor closer to her target of €25,000 and enables us to get one step closer to providing humanitarian aid where desperately needed.

The work of our volunteers is an integral part of our vision, where we strive to create a just and peaceful world free from poverty and suffering.

Human appeal and its dedicated staff are always pleased to help anyone who wishes to make such a pledge, get involved in fundraising activities or even make a donation. Every contribution makes a difference towards reaching Nor’s €25,000 target, please continue to support Nor and the people of Gaza by donating generously.

Check out Nor’s idonate page and Facebook page, and if possible make your own pledge today!

Lucky Star Facebook page

Urgent Gaza Appeal- Facebook page

idonate - Fundraising pledge