2015 Volunteers Meet Up

by Lúgh

We're having a meet up for all our volunteers, old and new.

Its this Friday 16th January at 5.30 pm in our Human Appeal offices in Dundrum, Dublin 14.

It promises to be a great opportunity for experienced volunteers to share their insights and give us their feedback, and for new volunteers to learn more about the Human Appeal family.

Some of our staff will be there to discuss their recent trip to the Turkey/Syria border where they can give first hand accounts of how your hard work provides help on the ground. You may have seen some of their posts on facebook and on the website, but there's a lot more for them to tell you about.

We will also be talking about our plans for 2015 and would be really grateful to hear your suggestions.

We'll also be planning the Dundrum Collection on the 24th January.

For more information, you can email Brittany at: volunteer@humanappeal.ie.

We also have a Facebook  especially for volunteers available form this link: Human Appeal Volunteers Facebook