Mosul 2017 Case Sudies

by Lúgh ó Braonáin

The fighting around Mosul has the potential to create the single largest humanitarian challenge in the world in 2017. As many as 500,000 civilians remain in the central and eastern parts of Mosul and close to 700,000 are concentrated in the densely populated western sections. That means there are 1.2 million civilians stuck and suffering there. Nearly every family, whether displaced or still in their homes, is vulnerable.

Without emergency support, these families will be unable to survive. Conditions in retaken areas are difficult. Buildings and infrastructure are damaged, services have been cut, supplies are irregular and many areas are contaminated by explosive hazards. 


Human Appeal Ireland Mosul appeal #HAII

"Food is not enough for us here. Even milk is something we don't have here. Since we left our homes we have not eaten a full meal".

Aminah (centre) and her brothers arrived to the camp at Dabiga, from Sinjaar, close to Mosul, Iraq. She told us that they left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

At night, winter temperatures here drop very low at this time, so Aminah also finds the night extremely difficult. "It's cold, we do not have blankets, and we need mats because it gets really cold at night."

Aminah and her brothers walk aimlessly around the camp looking for something to do. She says she has not been in school for nearly 3 years, a problem told to Human Appeal workers by countless children here.

"We want to go back to our homes, everything we have is there. We left behind our farms and our animals, there’s nothing for us here other than refuge from the fighting".



Salah is a family man from Mosul with 7 children. He and family have fled the city. He spoke to Human Appeal in Khazer Camp for displaced people.

"The situation in Mosul is indescribable; we were on the verge of death... people were getting killed every day"

As with many of the families arriving from Mosul, the family’s food supply is insufficient.

"We’re used to making food ourselves so we are struggling to eat what we are given. We don't have an oven or even flour to make bread and bread is our main food".

His primary concern is his children, he is extremely worried how the poor weather will affect them.

"I have 7 children and I was given just one blanket, we're struggling to sleep because of the cold and it is only getting colder".

The whole family has been through a terrible time and now faces an uncertain future.

I don’t think I would be able to go back after what we have been through. We've been through so much pain, my children still have nightmares from what they saw in Mosul”.