Manel Volunteers at Human Appeal

by Manel

The reason why I decided to volunteer at Human Appeal is to learn and develop new skills. It is the ideal way to discover something that you’re good at and implement it while at the same time supporting people in need . I am passionate about aiding people around the world that are have been displaced and fled from persecution and torture. The world needs heroes to take action and save it. Joining and dedicating time and effort to a charity helped me reach these goals in the best ways.

Being a part of Human Appeal allowed me to meet new people and be part of organizing events to raise money. I love the whole atmosphere when I’m doing collections.  Being out in Grafton Street with a bucket is intimidating at first but then you get a boost of motivation from other volunteers and workers, and you just don’t want to leave!

I have also volunteered at the Children4Peace event which was a great success. I worked with children and the ambience was very cheerful. I could really see how big of a difference we made by the children’s glorious smiles.

During my Transition Year programme I was required to do work experience and I choose Human Appeal. I did two weeks where I achieved a number of different things.  Throughout my work experience I practiced a lot of computer work. I was required to write letters and emails which improved my confidence and increased my knowledge on what is essential when working in an organization.

Another aspect of my own Transition Year programme was to do Community work locally. I did it in Human Appeal Charity shop. I went in every Tuesday afternoon and helped sort out books and clothes for sale. While I was working I enjoyed socializing with the workers and assisting the customers. I really got a sense of community and I learnt a lot more about what goes on behind the scenes and the hard work that is put in.

I know commit to volunteering on a daily basis In Human Appeal. To ensure a successful Ramadan I have been sorting mailing packs to mosques and donors. I look forward to upcoming events and taking the appropriate role of being a volunteer.

I can admit that volunteering has definitely boosted my confidence and interpersonal skills. I love being a part of something that has uniquely come from the heart. In this world we are all human and I believe that anyone who is anywhere can make a difference by simply believing. I believe in being generous so that other people who don’t have can have like us.