January 10th Newsletter

24 Jan

Collection in Dundrum

We'll be holding a collection in the Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin on Saturday the 24th January. We hope to have a family fun atmosphere on the day with face-painting, games and competitions suitable for all ages. If you'd like to help us, you can volunteer by emailing volunteer@humanappeal.ie.

30 Jan

Aid Shipment to Syria Medical Centre. 

We will be shipping a container full of medical supplies to Syria as part of our sponsorship of a medical centre there. So far we've collected materials worth over €200,000 new, including a state of the art autoclave and hospital beds. If you know of a source of medical supplies that we could include in our shipment we'd be delighted to hear from you on 012910006


Syria Update

We continue to work on your behalf to get as much aid as possible to those who have been displaced by the strife there. In December, Human Appeal with its three Syrian offices distributed 1,000 tonnes of flour and thousands of winter kits including blankets and mattresses to needy families. As the winter reaches its height, the hardships in Syria continue, but thanks to a new partnership we have with The World Food Program, Human Appeal last month gave out 10,000 food parcels.

Gaza Irish Village #100Homes Update


The conflict last Summer lead to thousands of families without homes. As you know there is an ongoing appeal for funds for our Gaza Irish Village. We now have funding for twelve homes out of a targeted 100 four-room prefabs each suitable for a family of seven. There's also been positive developments with our Orphanage and School project and plans moving apace for the establishment of a Human Appeal sponsored Health Centre.

Sponsoring 75,000 orphans around the world.

These children are the innocent victims of war, natural disaster and political upheaval, so it’s vital we continue supporting them. With 200 million orphans, globally, we have many more lives to save. It’s shocking what these children must endure on a daily basis, with no access to food, clean water, medicine or education. With your help we can make their life better.