Update: Medical Supplies shipping container now en route to Syria.

by Lúgh

Medical Supplies shipping container now en route to Syria.

While we send aid to many other places suffering from humanitarian crises, this container is just one in a long line that has been sent directly to Syria full of the kind donations of our Irish supporters since 2012.

Equipment worth at least €300,000

This latest collection of aid from Ireland is estimated to be worth €300,000. It consists of large valuable items, from an autoclave steriliser and hospital beds to essential basics like medicines and bandages.  All of these have been provided by our extensive network of generous supporters who have yet again dug deep to help our collection.

The container has now been shipped into Syria where it will be transported to a medical clinic under the supervision of our on-the-ground staff. Along with our Syrian staff, Human Appeal has direct experience of the level of need suffered by the people of Syria as they have endured the terrible conflict there.  We also have had appeals for urgent medical aid to help support our clinics which help give healthcare to some of the huge numbers of people displaced by the war.

A patient at one of the clinics we support in Syria

Twenty Five Container Truck Loads

Shipping containers of donated materials are a key part of our work in Syria. Since 2012 we have been able to send  TWENTY FIVE containers of direct aid collected from Irish people into the region.

 We've gathered in donations from around the country from a huge range of sources to send aid to Syria alone. Some of this has consisted of clothes and blankets, some of medical supplies (though we always try to include some items, such as sports gear and toys that help to demonstrate to the beneficiaries that we know there's more to life than survival). Below is a  list of some of the shipments we've put together and their contents.

September 2012

Various emergency materials

December 2012

Medical equipment worth €150,000

January 2013

Medical equipment

May 2013

Medical equipment

September-December 2013

Seven containers of clothes, blankets and medical supplies

May-July 2014

2 Containers of Clothes and emergency supplies (Yarmouk)

December 2014

Shipment of Clothing, medical and rehabilitation equipment

A Sample of container the shipments from Ireland to Syria 2012-2015


In 2014 we tried to beat the 10 containers of 2013 - we did 15. In 2015 with your help we hope to do even more

Witnessing the importance of the donations

The value of these donations is almost inestimable. Our staff and volunteers alike who have been on hand to distribute the donations, have seen just what the clothes and other supplies mean to the people who receive them.

I recall when visiting a camp in the province of Idlib, witnessing how important donations of clothes and other vital supplies were to those people. A small donation of clothes arrived and the women were distributing it gladly immediately, obviously heartened to have received what was desperately needed. There were no washing facilities there, and during the winter months flooding, snow, and freezing temoperatures made it impossible to stay warm in the camps.

  Fiona Duffy, Human Appeal Ireland.

Where these donations come from:

This direct aid, which complements our fundraising work , is provided to us by our wide network of supporters. Some of these are our volunteers who go out into their community to ask their friends and neighbours for help. Some are generous individuals who have access to the materials our recipients need and have come forward to help us. Some are businesses and other charity organisations who have dug deep to get what we need to the people we help.

The direct link

One of our highly active volunteer collectors of donations is Mustapha Aboubi from Castlebar. Mustafa has been involved in running collections for our aid containers throughout Connaught. He knows the value of these collections. He was in Syria in 2013 to witness the transportation of much-needed clothes and medical equipment. It was there that he saw first-hand the direct link between our donors and our aid recipients.

In the collection warehouse in Syria, Mustafa was helping organise the various clothing, blankets and equipment for distribution when something caught his eye:In amongst the essential supplies was child’s cuddly toy. He recognised it. It was his own daughter’s toy that, weeks before, he had seen in her room – it had travelled in the container along with all the other donations from Ireland to our warehouse in Syria.

The direct link from Castlebar to Syria via Human Appeal was to be seen in that moment. It is a link that we with our Syrian staff are determined to keep alive.


Worth your weight in gold

We are always astonished at how kind our supporters and donors are. We are also ever-grateful to our fantastic team of drivers who travel the country to gather the donations. We know that these donations and this hard work provide a vital lifeline to the people in Syria which is worth its weight in gold.

We are very grateful to receive your help, please call us on (01)2910006 or keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out about our continuing container appeals.