Clothes from Irish Appeal on the way to Syria Part 1

This morning a container of clothes donated by Irish communities left Dublin Port on the first leg of a journey. The clothes will eventually reach Syrians displaced by the conflict who are trapped in Idleb province on the Syrian side of the border with southern Turkey.  By the end of this week, 3 containers, one each from Dublin Cork and Galway will have been shipped by sea to the port of Mersin in Turkey and then brought by road to the border for distribution inside Syria. It will take four weeks from today and will end with a person at the other end getting warm, suitable clothing for the winter. This part of Syria is mountainous and subject to a slightly cooler and wetter climate than here in Ireland.

Each container costs about €3,600 by the time it reaches it's final destination from Dublin, including customs clearance. One will contain 700 bags of clothes that will benefit about three thousand people, individuals and families. Human Appeal Ireland is planning to send 8 containers of clothes to reach Idleb by the end of December this year. The aim is to help 24,000 Syrians trapped inside the border who  have fled without the chance to bring winter clothing.

The Syrian Winter Clothes Appeal is being extended until the 15th of October due to the hugely generous reponse from Irish communities everywhere from Mullingar to Kanturk. Details of how you can donate clothes are here: 

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated and helped in any way to make a huge difference to Syrians caught up in the conflict through this project.