Syria Emergency Appeal

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There are now as many as 4.8 million Syrian refugees having fled their home country. Most are living in the neighbouring countries. There is also an estimated 6.6 million internally displaced people (IDP’s) and 12 million in need of humanitarian aid. All of these are in dire need of safety, food and proper shelter.

With the help of our donors, we’ve been able to deliver over many thousands of tonnes of flour into Syria, and over 200,000 food parcels. We’ve build safe haven communities that house over 700 people.

Our medical programme delivers not only vital medical equipment such as CT scanners and ICUs, emergency hygiene and medical packs, we also support hospitals including a fully functional paediatric and women’s health hospital caring for the needs of thousands of patients.

We support schools both inside and outside Syria and provide over 1,000 orphan sponsorships.

These amazing projects are run by our Syrian staff who are supported by our expert international team of logisticians and programme managers as well as countless volunteers in and around Syria.

This crisis is a long way from being over however, and so we are having to plan for the longer term in our responses.

 We would ask you to please help us to continue our work by supporting one of our projects.


Family survival pack: €110

These packs contain vital essentials such as food, blankets, clothes, hygiene kits and the basics needed to support a family of five.

 or Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.

Three months’ medical aid

Providing essential medical aid not just for emergency cases, but for all forms of medical conditions. The entire healthcare system in Syria has effectively collapsed, up to 50% of all qualified medics have fled, many hospitals and clinics have been destroyed.

or Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.

Solid shelter

Build a shelter: each housing unit can accommodate a family of up to seven people.

or Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.

Flour and Bread

We continue to send thousands of tonnes of flour as part of our Syrian emergency food supply programme. The flour is baked into bread for distribution to refugees and displaced people.

or Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.