Jerusalem Orphanage

Building a brighter future for 6,000 children

Building a brighter future for 6,000 children: We’re delighted to report our welfare centre and school is finished construction phase and is now being readied for its residents.

This brilliant building will be the first of its kind in Jerusalem and initial plans have expanded to include a school and welfare centre, as well as accommodation, ultimately making life better and brighter for 6,000 children in need.

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We can’t wait to open our doors in September 2015 to provide:

Onsite accommodation and a safe home for 60 orphans

The residential students will be accommodated on the fourth floor in 12 5-bed rooms. The students will also be able to avail of the kitchen/cafeteria, activity halls, library and prayer room on the third floor

School for 200 pupils:

Alongside the school’s normal classes, summer camps, winter camps and other programs will be organized to equip the children with the everyday skills they will need in their lives after they leave the centre. Our ‘creative orphan program’ is already active and will be expanded once the centre is ready. This program targets the best performing students to boost their abilities and skills in science and technology.

Welfare Centre

This will provide a range of services and activities, benefiting a further 6,000 children and their guardians

Residential Care

Three nutritious meals daily will be provided for the children

Psychological Help

Many orphans suffer from psychological problems as a result of the loss of one or both of their parents. We will be offering professional support from specialists who will find ways to mitigate the distress felt by the children.



DONATE NOW | or Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.

Making progress

The fourth floor, the residential floor has now been built. This floor will be home to 60 residential students who will be accommodated in 12 5-bed rooms. The completion of this construction phase of the project means that the work ahead for 2015 will consist of  finishing and equipping.

We’re now concentrating on getting the entire building ready for use so we can meet our September 2015 goal. What’s more, once the project is completed, we’ll have a unique model that we can duplicate elsewhere.

Please help us continue building brighter futures for children in need.

We can’t wait to open our doors in September 2015! 

The Welfare Centre and School is a vital but costly undertaking. All of your donations go directly to meet these costs:

Costs & expenses




Cost of each floor (construction, finishing and furnishing)



Total cost of one class room


Furnishing one class room (25 desks and chairs)


Annual running costs

€220,000 including (salaries, food, utilities bills, maintenance, management etc)

Sponsor one teacher for one year


Provide food for one class for one week


Provide food (two hot meals a day) for one child


DONATE NOW | or Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.