Sustainable Lives Projects


We can often take basic things for granted: access to clean water, food, healthcare and education. We are lucky that we can. But for many people these finding these is a daily struggle. So much so that the cycle of poverty is just too difficult for them to break out of on their own.

 Human Appeal is committed to helping those striving to improve their situation. Our sustainable living projects can provide people with the leg-up they need to change their lives for the long term.  But it is only with your help we can provide these resources to help those in need of a fairer, better life.

 Our farming training programmes, irrigation projects, clean water wells and vocational skill development work has proven that with the right tools and materials, people can empower themselves, that things can change for the worlds disadvantaged.

Human Appeal provides working people all over the world with the equipment and skills they'll need to build a better future for themselves and for their communities.


Dependent upon its harvest for the production and trade of olive oil, olive wood, soap, lamp fuel and food, the olive tree is central to Palestinian agriculture, economy and identity. Our tree planting projects helps re-establish these vital sources of food and income in those areas where they have in the past been destroyed.

As little as €25 today can make a change in a farming family's life that will last for generations. 

donate to human appeal Ireland sustainability projects or Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.

Honey bee farm: €425

Honey is a wonderful natural resource that can give not just a source of natural nutritious food, but a sustainable income for a family. A donation of €425 will provide a honey bee farm – the equipment, the training and the bees.

donate to human appeal Ireland sustainability projects or Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.

Irrigation and Farming Projects

The people of Tharparkar, Pakistan, have been enduring the damaging effects of climate change, leading to dangerous levels of malnutrition and the tragedy of 300 infant deaths this year.

Human Appeal has just completed the first phase of a model farm project there, providing drinking water, irrigation for farming and a training programme in sustainable crop management. The village of 1,200 people can now safely supply themselves with food and water into the future. 

Village farm development: €5,900

We’re are delighted to be able to help farmers in the establishment of a large-scale farm they created in Gaza last year. With your support, more of these life-transforming projects can be set up in this troubled part of the world.

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Women’s Small Business Vocational Centre

Employment and education opportunities for women in Bangladesh are some of the worst in the world. We can change this problem directly with your help.

Bangladesh has a total population of 150.4 million out of which women are traditionally one of the poorest and most economically disempowered groups.

Human Appeal Women’s Vocational Training Centre Project works directly with women from low income areas to help them to build their careers and improve the lives of their family.

This opportunity not only addresses the basic need for vocational and skills training in order to improve employment prospects for the women, but also introduces an innovative way of creating sustainability in the project through further uplifting the earning potential of the women.

donate to human appeal Ireland sustainability projectsor Call: 01 291 0006 to donate by phone.


human-appeal-ireland-sustainable-farming-projectsThroughout the world, Human Appeal projects can return hectares of land back to sustainable productivity.