Case Studies

Syrians flee to Lebanon

Mohammad Naji Ibrahim Rahma (22) was exposed to shelling, which killed his wife and resulted in his right leg being amputated from below the knee. He is alone in Lebanon.

Our work on the ground is helping people like Mohammad.

Since the beginning of the conflict, we have managed to set up emergency field hospitals and mobile medical clinics across the region, as well as supply medical equipment, medicine, clean water and fuel to two large hospitals at the heart of the crisis in Homs, Syria.

We also equipped and ran a hospital in Tripoli, Lebanon for refugees, who fled from Syria, treating over 21,000 patients in the first 3 months. We sent a convoy of 7 ambulances with medical aid to Syria and equipped a new hospital, established to deal with the casualties of the war, in the north of the country.

Syrians flee to Jordan

"I don’t know how we would have 
survived the winter without your help"

Sana Hameed
in Zaatari Camp, Jordan

Thanks to your continued donations we have managed to supply thousands of families with hygiene kits equipped with basic necessities such as shampoo, toothpaste, women’s sanitary packs and soap, as well as distributing hundreds of winter blankets, mattresses and clothing kits to refugees.

We have also distributed tens of thousands of food parcels to the most needy across the country, which include pasta, lentils, oil, sugar, tea and more.

Moreover, we have sent millions of kilograms of bread flour to bakeries, which act as a base for people to collect free bread or buy heavily subsidised bread thus feeding up to 5 million people.

During Ramadan we like to push our food aid a little further, to feed the fasting, and also last year we managed to supply over 56,000 people with fresh meat for Eid. With your support we can feed even more this year.

"Having a solid roof over our heads has
been such a relief after so much hardship"

Abu Kareem

We have been working tirelessly to provide shelters for internally displaced people, as well as refugees who fled the country. We have built 40 solid housing units to shelter families in the Zaatari refugee camp of Jordan and provided shelters for refugees in Damascus, Idlib and Aleppo.

Famine in Sudan

This was the first emergency Human Appeal responded to in 1991 and now Human Appeal has three field offices based in the capital city of Khartoum, the East in Kassala and Nyala in Darfur. There has been on-going conflict in the Darfur region for several years.

In May 2005, the crisis in Darfur was described by the UN as "the world’s worst humanitarian crisis." Many communities accounting for tens of thousands of people are still internally displaced within the region two years later with no end to the conflict in sight.

As a result of this on-going conflict, Human Appeal has been very active in the Darfur region. From the onset of the conflict, Human Appeal implemented relief work in Nyala, capital of South Darfur by establishing a regional office there.

This meant Human Appeal had an established base from which to deliver emergency aid to those people devastated by the conflict.

Pakistan earthquake

On the morning of 5th October 2005, a huge earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale caused massive devastation and destruction in northern Pakistan and Kashmir.

Extensive damage was caused to life, property and infrastructure. Entire villages and communities were wiped out and survivors were left to face the freezing winter months ahead.Hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless, sheltering in inadequate structures which were totally unsuitable for the bitter cold of the approaching winter.

Survivors were living in unheated tents, with little clothing or bedding to keep them warm. Human Appeal reacted immediately in response to the emergency by initially supplying food, clean water, medical assistance, temporary shelters and bedding suitable for the freezing temperatures.

Getting the emergency aid to the affected areas was in itself extremely difficult because of the remote and mountainous nature of this region. Human Appeal field staff were on the ground within 2-3 days of the earthquake, even though many routes to the disaster areas were blocked by huge landslides.

Human Appeal constructed ten tent villages in the areas of Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Rawalakot. In total, 962 families across ten villages benefited and received food parcels, blankets and shelter.