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Who we are

Human Appeal International Ireland: A non-profit organisation working across the globe to strengthen humanity in the face of poverty, social injustice and natural disaster. 

Turning on our televisions, reading the newspapers or listening to the radio, it’s hard to miss the ongoing reports of famine, poverty, war, exploitation, flooding and earthquakes that occupy the vast majority of our news. 

We often get upset, feeling frustrated and helpless, wondering why little children should suffer when we live such luxurious lifestyles. But just as often as we feel pity, we also forget. We move on with our daily routines of work, family and leisure, pushing the images of destruction and pain to the back of our minds.

But at Human Appeal International we strive to go beyond the news reports. We strive to reach out to the mother, father, child, brother, sister, daughter or son that doesn’t just hear the news but feels it and suffers from it everyday of their lives. At Human Appeal International we concentrate on the human being at the source of our daily bulletins. 

At Human Appeal International we’re working to counteract the headlines rather than forget them.  Through the provision of immediate relief and establishment of sustainable development programmes, we aim to invest in real effective solutions. We also recognise that the provision of food, medical aid and emergency shelter in times of humanitarian crises is essential for the immediate preservation of life. As such, we value the importance of a multidimensional aid approach, and therefore dedicate our time respectively between emergency relief and long term development.

Bringing hope to the developing world

At Human Appeal we have a vision of a world without poverty, a world where every human being has the right to a full stomach and a nourished mind. We are working tirelessly across the world to make this a reality by organising self sustaining programmes to allow families and communities to lead themselves out of poverty.

Human Appeal works in 28 countries to help people overcome the hardships of poverty, famine, natural disasters and war. HAI has also sponsored 75,000 orphans providing them with food, supplies, safe shelters, education, and medical care through Complete Assistance Projects that ensured them generous and decent lives. In addition to the aforementioned relief and development work, HAI is credited with 23 years of humanitarian work and will continue to address humanitarian needs internationally.

Human Appeal International Ireland Limited is registered as Irish charity under CHY No 18505.

Our Team

The Human Appeal Ireland Team is made up of our management, staff and volunteer network all deeply committed to making a difference to the lives of our beneficiaries. We'd love if you could join us. Read more...

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is to create a just and peaceful world free from poverty and suffering. Read more...

Our History

Human Appeal Ireland was established in 2011 and has delivered tonnes of aid to needy people in conflict zones. It supports sustainable income generation and education projects throughout the world helping, with our donors' support, to make a difference that is more than just words. Read more...

Where We Work

We're now in 28 countries across 3 continents! Human Appeal is working tirelessly in some of the poorest countries in the world to help people escape the hardships of poverty, conflict and natural disasters. Read more...

Current Vacancies

Working at Human Appeal is so much more than just a job. Our projects are lifting lives in more than 25 countries. Our employees already commit their time and talents to make this happen. Read more...

Progress Update: What we've achieved

Crisis in Syria: a tragedy on an unimaginable scale. Syria has witnessed some of the worst atrocities of recent times. The conflict has left thousands dead and millions displaced. Read more...

Case Studies

Mohammad Naji Ibrahim Rahma (22) was exposed to shelling, which killed his wife and resulted in his right leg being amputated from below the knee. He is alone in Lebanon. Read more...

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy including Terms and Conditions. At Human Appeal International Ireland Limited we are committed to protecting your privacy. Read more...